I’m Back + Weekend Update

I’m back! SO glad to be back!

Sorry for the extended hiatus, life happened and I had to get this place spiffed up a bit. Loving the new look – thanks to my amazing sister, Jo! She does great work and it was so sweet of her to take care of her big sister ♥ I plan on adding a few more features and pages here and there, but this is it for the most part.

Well, where do I start? I have so many ideas spinning around in my head and so many things I want to share with you all! To get you up-to-date: summer is over (I’m secretly happy about this – I LOVE fall), the tourists are gone, I got a promotion at work, Navy’s vocabulary has skyrocketed and my ears are always ringing, I’ve been trying to teach myself SnapChat (if you want to feel old, try to teach yourself how to use a new social media application – WTF), we’ve had several beach days, aaand I’m drawing a blank. If you really want to SEE what I’ve been up to, check out my Instagram. I’ve been good about keeping that up-to-date at least.

This past weekend was a busy one. I had a bridal shower to help throw and a TON of housework to do. We usually try to tidy up on a daily basis so the house doesn’t look like a total disaster and come the weekend we can actually do things instead of clean up. Good thing we had an extended weekend (thanks Labor Day!) and we could get caught up. Anywho, Saturday was filled with bridal shower prep, cleaning and FLORIDA STATE FOOTBALL!


Sunday I got to celebrate one of my long time besties at her bridal shower. I feel like as we have gotten older, nobody (in my circle of friends) is really into the full blown crazy bridal shower with tons of games and awkward moments anymore. So, for my bestie (who brings a party wherever she goes anyway), we held her “Bridal Shower Brunch” at beautiful restaurant on the beach called 790 on the Gulf. They serve endless mimosas – need I say more?! Instead of the stereotypical bridal shower games, we wanted to do things that our bride could take home with her and keep as mementos. So, we had Jenga pieces out for the ladies to write marriage advice, funny quotes, etc. on them. They got funnier as mimosas were refilled… We also had a jar with note cards that guests could write date night ideas on. These got funnier and more, umm, non – “g” rated as the brunch went on as well. We also had jarred cupcakes for guests to take home. Those were a lot of fun to make! Maybe I can do a “How-To” on this? Let me know – maybe I’ll even share an AnnieCakes recipe. (Note: I did a horrible job at taking detail pictures of this event. I’ll do better next time, I promise).


Yesterday, I was able to enjoy 6.5 minutes of pure relaxing bliss. I had planned on reading through a couple of magazines and catching up on all the social media/blogs I follow. HAH — then Navy woke up. In the evening we took our her to feed the ducks, one her favorite things to do. The weather was GORGEOUS and the view wasn’t so bad either. I great way to end our busy weekend!



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