This week’s 5 on Friday:

1. Still loving my Florabunda agenda.
I’m obsessed. I’ve always loved planners/agendas – never fully committing to keeping track of everything electronically. There’s just something about physically writing things down that helps me remember things better. Plus, I love decorating them. The crew over at did a great job at putting together their agenda’s this year. They have so much personality! And they have tons of accessories and stickers you can buy along with it. I have their 17 Month Large Florabunda Agenda. It was the only one available in the large size (also spiral bound). Their other prints are super cute but only come in the smaller version – which I know a lot of people prefer. I also got their Sticker Book to go along with my agenda. Pretty much loving everything at the moment. This brand is SO FUN!


2. Fall scents.
Even though it’s still 100 degrees in Florida, I’m all about some fall scented candles right now. I have thing for candles anyway, but fall scented candles — !!! Love them. Such a mood booster. I could literally spend hours (and several dollars) in Bath & Body Works just smelling all of their candles. If it’s pumpkin, I probably love it. You call me basic all you want. I’ll just sit here with my PSL and my Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow candle and be as happy as can be. Other non-pumpkin fall scents from BBW that I’m loving: Marshmallow Fireside, Mahogany Teakwood, Sweater Weather and Lakeside Sunrise.

3. Potty Training.
Seriously. Can my kid just get it together?! I have just about had it with anything regarding the word potty and poop. #iliterallycanteven

4. Hair.
Ever since Navy was born (2 ½ year ago), I’ve stopped all sorts of hair coloring – only getting cuts and trims here and there. My hair is now 100% natural, no highlights or color what-so-ever. It’s been great for my bank account but now have this urge to go lighter. I’ve always had this itch to go lighter in the fall for whatever reason. Loving just about anything bronde, balayage and ecaille. Some hairsperation I’ve found via Pinterest from Shane Craig and Anh Co Tran:



5. Never Forget 09/11/2001
And last but certainly not least – 9/11. I have too many feels to go into detail on this one. But I hope that every American take a moment to reflect on what happened on this day 14 years ago. Never forget.


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