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One of the things I told myself I was going to work on this year was to make a blogging schedule and keep my site up-to-date. No gold star so far for this resolution. But, January has been rough so far, a few curve-balls were thrown and it threw off all my creative mojo. Discovering new blogs and catching up on all my favorites has helped though! So – here’s to jumping back on the Friday Updates and finally sticking with something I’ve always wanted to do – blog!


I turned 29 earlier this month! Feels about the same as 28 and 27. So far there have been no freak outs of getting close to the big ‘three-zero’. I thought there would be. But, nope. Maybe as it gets closer. We’ll see.

My birthday was easy. All I wanted was some downtime to do things that I haven’t been able to do for a while – a whole lot of nothing! I colored in my adult coloring books, brain-stormed topics for the blog, caught up on a few TV shows, organized photos… YEP, a whole ‘lotta nothin’. And it was fantastic. I’m a total party animal, I know.  In the evening, we went to dinner (just me, the hubs, and Navy) at Cantina Laredo, one of my favorites. Have you ever had their Mexican Brownie for dessert?! HEAVEN!





We are a little late on the whole Netflix thing. Currently testing out our free month and so far I am loving it! Orange Is the New Black is my new jam. Still only on season one – but during nap times this weekend, it’s going to be a OITNB party with just me, myself, and I. Also, along with everyone else, we are watching Making a Murderer. It’s a little slow for my liking but it still has me hooked for whatever reason.

Trying out Netflix really has me thinking about getting rid of cable all together and convert to just streaming our shows from now on. I’m to the point of cursing and arm flailing every time I have to pay our cable bill. Has anyone else ‘cut the cord’ and went to just streaming? What works for you?! I’m thinking a combo of Netflix, HBO Now (I cannot give up Game of Thrones!), and either Hulu or Sling Tv…? Still need to do a little more research.


Potential Baby No. 2 has been on our minds lately. We really want Navy to have a sibling… she deserves to have sibling. It pulls at my heart strings watching her play by herself.  I tend to over analyze everything and end up stressing over things that haven’t happened yet – and that’s half the reason why Baby No. 2 hasn’t shown up yet. I ended up having to have a C-section with Navy (she got stuck) and the thought of having to go through another C-section terrifies me. Then I feel selfish for feeling that way. The money aspect stresses me out – then I feel like an ass for thinking about money over a beautiful new baby and life being brought into the world. Plus all the other typical what if’s:

What if Navy and No. 2 don’t get along?
What if I can’t handle two? Sometimes just my one can do me in for the day.
What if somethings wrong with No. 2? Could we handle that?
What if I don’t love No. 2 as much as I love Navy? Does that really happen? I don’t want to be that kind of mom – I don’t want favorites, not when it comes to my kids. Please tell me someone else has questioned themselves like this?

Deep down, I know these are all typical questions and worries. I just like to have my crap together before I make any big decisions. But, I also know that with kids set plans of any sort tent to go out of the window. So, I can’t really have my crap together anyway. Sort of. Right?


I’ve had a pretty regular/reoccurring day-off uniform lately. I’m usually someone who likes to switch it up and try out some new trends, but these past few weeks (maybe month… or two) my off duty momiform has been a variation of jeans + teeshirt or sweater + sneakers. I haven’t been into sneakers for every-day outfits since middle school when shell-toes were all the rage. But these days, they are my go to shoe.

These are my new beauties.


Michael Kors Keaton Quilted Slip On


We have a full weekend ahead! Two birthday parties, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I’m stepping into AnnieCakes (aka my kitchen) this evening to whip up some Play-Doh themed cupcakes for my little second-cousin’s birthday tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post some pictures on how they turned out!

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