Fall Bootie Picks via GoJane

One of my favorite sites is having an amazing sale on their booties this weekend — up to 40% off y’all + free economy shipping for orders over $50!

I swear by this website for fun, trendy, and AFFORDABLE shoes — and they’re always having some sort of awesome sale. Plus, I’ve never had a bad experience with them. I can’t say enough good things about this company. And before you say it — no, this is not a sponsored post. I really just love them that much!

Here are my top picks (I narrowed it down as best I could) for booties this fall from GoJane:



This week’s 5 on Friday:

1. Still loving my Florabunda agenda.
I’m obsessed. I’ve always loved planners/agendas – never fully committing to keeping track of everything electronically. There’s just something about physically writing things down that helps me remember things better. Plus, I love decorating them. The crew over at Ban.do did a great job at putting together their agenda’s this year. They have so much personality! And they have tons of accessories and stickers you can buy along with it. I have their 17 Month Large Florabunda Agenda. It was the only one available in the large size (also spiral bound). Their other prints are super cute but only come in the smaller version – which I know a lot of people prefer. I also got their Sticker Book to go along with my agenda. Pretty much loving everything Ban.do at the moment. This brand is SO FUN!


I’m Back + Weekend Update

I’m back! SO glad to be back!

Sorry for the extended hiatus, life happened and I had to get this place spiffed up a bit. Loving the new look – thanks to my amazing sister, Jo! She does great work and it was so sweet of her to take care of her big sister ♥ I plan on adding a few more features and pages here and there, but this is it for the most part.

Well, where do I start? I have so many ideas spinning around in my head and so many things I want to share with you all! To get you up-to-date: summer is over (I’m secretly happy about this – I LOVE fall), the tourists are gone, I got a promotion at work, Navy’s vocabulary has skyrocketed and my ears are always ringing, I’ve been trying to teach myself SnapChat (if you want to feel old, try to teach yourself how to use a new social media application – WTF), we’ve had several beach days, aaand I’m drawing a blank. If you really want to SEE what I’ve been up to, check out my Instagram. I’ve been good about keeping that up-to-date at least.

This past weekend was a busy one. I had a bridal shower to help throw and a TON of housework to do. We usually try to tidy up on a daily basis so the house doesn’t look like a total disaster and come the weekend we can actually do things instead of clean up. Good thing we had an extended weekend (thanks Labor Day!) and we could get caught up. Anywho, Saturday was filled with bridal shower prep, cleaning and FLORIDA STATE FOOTBALL!


Weekend Recap

On Saturday, Mommy + Daddy had a day off and got to spend the day playing tourist on 30A. Yet another reason why I love living where we do – just a short car ride and it’s like we’re in a totally different area. Before we hit 30A, we stopped at the Donut Hole for some breakfast. Y’ALL. This place is not new to us (we’re locals), but seriously, the food NEVER gets old. There’s usually a wait, especially during tourist season (March, end of May – July), but please believe me when I say it’s worth the wait. They have donuts and other sweet treats you can buy to take out and they also have a sit-down restaurant – where everything is delicious and the people are great! I got their French Toast on cinnamon raisin bread with a side of bacon and Trav got their Egg and Cheese Sandwich – and of course we left with donut holes and chocolate glazed donuts for later.


Haul: Old Navy for Navy

After one of my girlfriends told me about some of the deals at Old Navy — more specifically about their adorable cupcake tee for toddlers (I have a cupcake thing) — I had to go. I’ll be the first to admit that I have never really been a fan of Old Navy. I have no idea what originally turned me off, but I am definitely a fan now!


Current Rainy Day Faves

This weekend was a gray one here. And today is extra dreary and wet and I have nothing eventful that happened this weekend to report. I have a sick toddler, so the weekend revolved mostly around her schedule. I actually took ZERO pictures, totally not like me. So, since this weekend was such drag and knowing that April will bring many more rainy days, here’s some of my current favorite rainy day must/wish haves:


Rain Day Must Haves


1) Hi! I’m new here! My site is currently under construction, so please pardon the mess. As my dear friend, Stacy, would say, “I have a wait problem.” I just couldn’t wait any longer to start posting! My blog will be pretty and new soon, I promise.

2) Anybody else anxiously waiting for the Lily Pulitzer for Target to launch on April 19th?! Nine more days, y’all – we can do this! I can’t wait to snag a few of these:

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