Five on Friday

Oh hey! I’m back in the blogging game!

We have finally settled in Tennessee and I’ve got my desk/work area all set up. Still working on figuring out how to blog with a 3 year old at my ankles every second (especially with nap time out the window now), but I think I’ve got it figured out. I can’t wait to get started on a few projects! In the meantime, here’s my latest Five on Friday to show what we’ve been up to lately:


Before we moved to Tennessee, Navy and I had a mini ‘Mommy and Me’ photo session. I absolutely LOVE the sneak peaks – I can wait to see and share with you the rest of the pictures. The dress I’m wearing is from ModCloth and Navy’s is from Target.


Romper Love

I love a good romper! They’re just so easy to wear – throw on and go! I wore this one, courtesy of TOBI, out to a local festival in Knoxville. It’s my current favorite and will definitely be on repeat for spring and summer. It comes in the color I’m wearing below (mint), black, and toast. The back is open, perfect for those hot summer days, and the fabric is light. Plus, I love the detailing across the middle. Dress it up with a heel/wedge or down with a strappy sandal.


Margarita Cupcakes

Margarita Cupcakes

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a delicious & boozy margarita cupcake recipe?!

Y’all,  these are so good. Even if margaritas aren’t your typical adult beverage of choice, you need to give these a try. And, yes — tequila is involved.

The original recipe is found here, but I made a few tweaks (see below):

2016 Liebster Award


I got a total surprise last week when one of my favorite momma bloggers and home-town friend, Jen from Baking Baby Brown, nominated me for a Liebster Award! A total shocker since I’ve been missing in action these past few months BUT definitely a boost to get me going again! It’s such an honor to be thought of and nominated for such a ‘sweet’ award! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Baking Baby Brown. I love Jen’s sense of humor and honesty – and once you read through her posts, it’s a no brainer why she was nominated for the award herself! THANK YOU JEN!

Life Update: We’re moving!


Yep. I’ve been MIA for a reason. After finding out in January that my husband’s job was relocating him (at the time we didn’t know where) I found myself in a not-so-great place. I was pissed to be frank and then felt guilty at the same time because this was a GREAT opportunity for my husband. I was happy with the way things were, very happy with work, and we were starting to plan things out for baby no. 2. Now we had to move – away from family, from work, from friends, from the BEACH?! Ugh. Yeah, not thrilled. I even contemplated not moving – making things work long-distance. Why would I give up such a perfect situation?! My mother watches Navy while my husband and I are at work, something I am SO grateful for. My sister lives right down the road (basically). My job is awesome: I work with great people, I have a great boss, and the benefits are great too. Not so common to come by – trust me I know. My friends that I’ve had for years are here. PLUS I’ve always wanted to stay ‘home.’ I stayed at home and went to college rather than ‘going away’ for this reason. I didn’t take promotions at my previous job for this same reason. I just have a need to be close to family.

Five on Friday

One of the things I told myself I was going to work on this year was to make a blogging schedule and keep my site up-to-date. No gold star so far for this resolution. But, January has been rough so far, a few curve-balls were thrown and it threw off all my creative mojo. Discovering new blogs and catching up on all my favorites has helped though! So – here’s to jumping back on the Friday Updates and finally sticking with something I’ve always wanted to do – blog!


I turned 29 earlier this month! Feels about the same as 28 and 27. So far there have been no freak outs of getting close to the big ‘three-zero’. I thought there would be. But, nope. Maybe as it gets closer. We’ll see.

My birthday was easy. All I wanted was some downtime to do things that I haven’t been able to do for a while – a whole lot of nothing! I colored in my adult coloring books, brain-stormed topics for the blog, caught up on a few TV shows, organized photos… YEP, a whole ‘lotta nothin’. And it was fantastic. I’m a total party animal, I know.  In the evening, we went to dinner (just me, the hubs, and Navy) at Cantina Laredo, one of my favorites. Have you ever had their Mexican Brownie for dessert?! HEAVEN!


Christmas ReCap

Yet another holiday season has flown by! I limited my time on social media (with the exception of an Instagram post here and there) these past few weeks to focus on being “in-the-moment” with my friends and family. So, here’s a photo and caption recap of this past month to get things caught up.

Hallmark Channel and Chill?

This time of year I’m a sucker for any Hallmark or Lifetime holiday movie. I’m also a sucker for cute, quirky, and comfy pajamas to be lazy in and watch those corny yet festive movies all day (when I actually have the time — so far this year it’s been a whopping 30 minutes). So, aside from any Victoria’s Secret pajama set, because if I included any of those on this list it would be extra long, here are some super cute pajamas and lounge wear for snuggly, lazy, weekends!


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Holy deliciousness.

This Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread recipe is SO good. I’ll definitely be hanging on to this one and making it on repeat every fall. AND it’s pretty easy to make – I was able to whip it up with a stir-crazy two and a half year old running through my house (rain, rain, go away). So, toddler or not, you should be good to go.


Hello, October!


Oh, hey Friday! Let’s go ahead & jump into this week’s Five on Friday:
1). October is one of my most favorite months. The weather finally starts to feel like fall in Florida and we can start to enjoy being outside again (goodbye hot, muggy & sticky evenings), there’s tons of festivities to go to on the weekends and it’s our anniversary month! Just saying the word October makes me happy. Looking forward to the Destin Seafood Festival this weekend, cool nights on our back porch, and eating my weight in candy corn!

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