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DIY Shopkins Delish Doughnut Costume


DIY Shopkins Delish Doughnut Costume

I have a sweet spot for doughnuts – so when my daughter told me she wanted to be a Shopkins Delish Doughnut for Halloween, I was thrilled. Plus — we LOVE Shopkins! After not finding anything I liked in stores or online, I decided to make it myself.

How to add color and personality to a room when you are renting

When we moved to Tennessee, we didn’t have much time to look for somewhere to live. We had 3 days. So, to be safe, we decided to rent until we figured out the area.  We aren’t new to renting, so I know a little about having to make someone else’s house my home without having to fix or undo too much when we leave.

Now that Navy is 3, I’ve wanted to work on her room and make it a fun place that she can go to and enjoy. I wanted color in her room – without having to paint. I gave up on trying to find a painting or wall décor – everything I had in mind ended up being too expensive, too hard to make with a 3 year old running around, or not exactly what I was looking for. As I was perusing the isles of T.J. Maxx, that’s when it hit me! WRAPPING PAPER – in a large frame! There sat this gorgeous floral wrapping paper that was once a stupid amount of money for just wrapping paper, now just $2.99! And I already had the perfect frame for it at home!

Items you need for this super easy DIY:

  • Wrapping paper of your choice (note: other great options for this are wallpaper or fabric)
  • A large/extra large frame
  • Scissors to cut paper
  • Tape to keep paper in place
  • Tools needed to hang frame



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